Social Life Management FAQ


We will issue a full refund in the first 30 days of service.  Use the contact form to request a refund and termination of service.




How many addresses should I list? - You should list your current address and any city you lived in over the past 5 years.

Employer or School - List your current employer or school and those in past 5 years.  

Interests & Hobbies - This is optional If there hobbies or interests that you are well known for (Playing or coaching a sport, Volunteering, Local Politics, Hobbies & Activities) add this as this is something people might use to search for you ex.- Mike Smith, soccer coach  

This person is not me - This is optional Enter this if you have someone with a ‘similar’ name who shows up in the search results and could easily be confused with you. Like a Son who is a Jr. -> example: Bob Smith Sr., Bob Smith Jr. would both appear – so add Bob Smith Jr. to this area if you are the Sr. Bob or vice versa.  

Negative Link(s) - This is optional if you do have negative information, but aren’t aware, the search in the next step will find if it’s in your search results and you can come back and add them here. For users who are aware that you have negative information about you online (could be: a news story, info about a divorce or legal matters, a consumer review site, an online gossip site, online complaint sites (complaints board, ripoff report, etc., website forums, etc.), please add the link here.  

Negative Key Words - This is optional If you do have negative information, but aren’t aware, the search in the next step will find it if it’s in the search results, add keywords from them back here For users who are aware that you have negative information/words about you online. Key words are the search terms that someone would add to your name to find negative information. As an example:  John Smith: cheater, arrested, fraud, scam, sued, DUI etc. any negative term that the users could associate with your name.  




Here you will select if the results are one of three dispositions; “Me”, “Not Me”, or “Negative” - ARE you and are negative in nature.

You MUST complete this step in order to get accurate scoring for your Social Life Score. The more you select, the more accurate the score and your future tracking will be.    

What kind of results would be classified as “Me”?

Any search result - website or social media profile - that are about you or your spouse (if applicable). Examples: personal websites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, news, etc.

Personal Information listing sites like: Radaris, Been Verified, White Pages, Spokeo,, etc.

Any Search result with YOUR name in it (and is you - not someone who sounds like you).  

What kind of results would be classified “Not Me”?  

These are any results that don't have anything to do with you.

These are results for someone or a business with a similar name

Any random results that don’t have anything with you or your name  


What about Negative?

Anything that casts you in a negative light or would be or embarrassing if people saw it.

This would include: gossip websites, bad Yelp reviews, complaint websites, negative news stories, legal filings, etc.

It is important to identify these sites for a more accurate search score and future tracking.

This is only for information that pertains to you, not someone else with the same name.  


View and track Seven (7) very important measurements that are key to improving how people see you online, including your Social Life Score.

All of the scores on this page are tracked over time so you can measure your progress. To view your history, simply click on “Review Trends” to see the graphs.

What’s my Social Life Score?  

Your social life score is similar to a personal FICO credit score, from 100 (poor) t400 (Great) a perfect score.

Like a FICO credit score, you want to get your score as high as possible. You do this by: creating social media profiles, posting content regularly to those profiles that is true and relevant about you, and suppressing negative links if there are any about you.

Your scores help you to track the progress of your activities on our platform;  scores help make sense of what your search results say about you today and over time; and the impact to your online reputation and image or Brand.

What’s my Social Profiles score?   This is the number of social media profiles you’ve set up in our Social Engine such as Facebook ,Twitter, instagram, Youtube and many more.

Adding social media profiles is the first step to posting new content, monitoring your name and increasing your score.  

What is my Visibility score?  

This is the number of results on the Fine-Tune page you identified as “Me” and shows you how often you appear today in search results.

What is my Verified Position score?  

This dial shows what position in search results the highest ranked “Me” item that you’ve identified in Fine Tune is in.

What is my Negative Items score?  

We track all negative results that appear in search engines. This dial counts all items you’ve selected as “negative” in the fine tune search page.

What is my Negative Position score?  

This dial shows what position in search results the highest ranked item you’ve identified in Fine Tune is in.

What are Public Records?  

There are over 50 sites that collect your personal information from a variety of sources and offer it for sale online. This is how many of these sites list yours for sale. Use our Public Record removal tool in Advanced Services to get yours removed and protect your privacy.  



Please refer tour “Quick Start Guide” in the Help section for detailed information on how to use the Social Engine to link to, and post to your social media accounts.    


Posting fresh informative, relevant (true) content to your blogs or websites helps get them ranked higher in search results. If you don’t have the time, experience or desire to create fresh content on a regular basis, you can use this tool for content on just about any topic from professional writers at a low cost.  

How do I order content for my blog or website?

Click on Place New Order to get started  

What do I put for the title, and can I change it?

The title is just used to help you keep track of your orders.   When you post the content to your blog or website you can give it any title you wish.   What should I write for a brief description? Use this section to give any notes to the writer on what you want them to cover in the article.

What are SEO Goals?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Are you trying to get this content to show up in the search results for a specific search term besides your name, such as a specific topic? Ex. “I would like this blog to rank well for gardening tips in addition to my name” or “I would this content to be something people like and share.”  

What are Keywords, are they required?

Keywords are the words or phrases you use to search for information in a search engine. Adding relevant keywords to your content can help it show up in more search results.  

You should include your name at a minimum, and then usually the topic of the post or article in addition. It’s best to stick to no more than two or three keywords or phrases.  

Keywords are not required, but we recommend including your name as a minimum.


What is this?  

This free service removes any personal information that is for sale on 50+ websites. For as little as $20, anyone can buy information on where you live, your family, your employer, do background checks, and more.  

I went on the page and didn’t see any results?  

Congratulations, we did not find your personal information for sale on any websites. Check back once a month to see if your personal information is being sold online.  

How do I review them?  

Click on Review Needed, select ONLY the entries that are you, click REQUEST REMOVAL, and move to the next one. When you’ve reviewed them all, click SEND REMOVAL REQUEST at the bottom of the page.  

How do I confirm which are me?  

You can check by middle initial, cities lived in, age, and possible relatives.  

I submitted my results, now what?  

Check back two or three times a month to see if there are any new alerts after an initial 30 days.

The Pending Removals box will show how many removal requests are open

Your Successful removals will be added as our system detects them.  

Are these results gone forever?  

All of these sites will update their databases of public records often, and your information can reappear. Our system automatically detects this and processes the removal request regularly, you do not need to do anything more than sit back and watch.  


Here you enter your name or the name of your business or product. Please enter it as ONE name ( i.e John Smith = Jonsmith ) with no spaces for the most accurate results. We search over 500 Social Media sites and Domains for your name availability, you can see them by categories on the left side of the page.

Most of the profiles are taken for my name, what should I do?

The best way to deal with this is to add a single number tend or the beginning of your desired user name, this will work in most cases.

May I choose what sites are registered for me?

Yes, absolutely. You may enter your preferred Social Media sites into  the Staff Notes field in the Order Submission form. You can also specify certain categories that you wish the Social Life Management team to focus on for your signup, instead of individual sites.

Do you offer all Social Media networks?  

We offer all social media sites that allow us to choose a user name based on your name. This includes all of the most popular social media sites, except Facebook (and sometimes FourSquare) due to their verification procedures.

Do you maintain all social media profiles for me?

No, not at this time, Social Life Management only takes responsibility for the initial registrations and verifications.

What is the password I will use to get into the sites?

We will either randomly generate a password for you, or you can provide us with one that meets the following requirements: must contain 8 characters, 2 of which must be numerical and 1 of which must be an uppercase letter.

Why do I need an alternate user name?

Sometimes the user name you have chosen will be taken already. The alternate user name will be used to create profiles when the primary choice is taken. Adding a number (other than 1) to the beginning or end of the name usually works well.

How do I choose and use the secret answer?

Some sites will ask you a “secret question” that was answered during sign-up to confirm your identity. We will use one secret answer no matter what the question is, making it easier for you to verify your identity.

When ordering, do I have to submit all the information on your submission form?

No, but we encourage you to be as thorough as possible so that we have the information to create complete profiles. We ask for those particular submission fields because social networks ask for that information upon registration.

I purchased an account creation package, how long will it take for my order to be complete?

We have a 3-5 business day turnaround for most orders, and a 5 t7 day turnaround for Enterprise orders.  


How does Image removal work?  

An Image Removal is when content is removed from a website at the request of the owner of the content, or the owner of the copyright of the content. It doesn’t need a formal copyright, by creating the content (image, music, movie, writing, etc.) you automatically have copyright to it.  

How long does it take?  

We can’t estimate a time on this, as every case is different. We will continue to escalate our requests as needed but usually within 30 – 60 days.  


What is the Linkmover service?  

Linkmover is our expedited link suppression service, it is supplementary service to be used together with your content creation activities.  

Why would I use it?

To move down a negative link in Google Search results on the first or second page.  

How much does it cost?

Each result is unique, our system will analyze the result(s) you wish suppressed in the results, and immediately return a price and number of weeks it will take.  

What happens once the negative result has been suppressed?

Besides being relieved that the negative result has been pushed down to the results page you wished (2nd, 3rd, 4th) you will be offered a reduced cost maintenance plan that will keep the results pushed down. We strongly recommend this, without this plan, the negative result can creep back up to the first page if all activities stop suddenly.    

Can I stop this at any time?

This service can be stopped at any time.  


Are these legal forms valid in my state?

The legal forms provided as a courtesy to our clients, and do not constitute legal advice. We encourage you to refer to local statutes regarding the specific type of communication you are you using to make sure it is compliance with local standards.  

Can I use these templates for interactions with a court?

No, for any interactions with a court, it is best to consult with a legal professional licensed to practice in your state, or an officer of the court.